Upholstery cleaning by one of the best upholstery and furniture cleaning companies in Northern Ohio, All Star Professional Cleaning Services.

Are you tired on sitting on that embarrassing dirty furniture? Let’s face it, the furniture that we sit on everyday takes a lot of abuse and wear and tear no matter how careful we try to be with it, spills, dirt and wear take their toll over time. The best way to prolong the use and avoid replacement of your furniture it is to have it professionally cleaned periodically by a professional upholstery cleaner. Our professional upholstery cleaners know how to clean upholstery and will bring the condition of your furniture back to the best possible condition that it can be.

  • By using our top notch cleaning equipment, we can help prolong the life of you furniture and upholstery whether in a residential or commercial environment.
  • We provide spot treatment for those really bad and hard to get out stains to help remove the dirt and bacteria.
  • We also offer ScotchGard treatment protection if you would like after it’s cleaned, to help extend the time between upholstery cleanings and to prevent stains from setting in.
  • Furniture cleaning will also help to restore colors and remove any offensive odors and restore it’s natural beauty.
  • We have the knowledge and the expertise to clean all types of furniture coverings including, wool, cotton, vinyl, linen or polyester upholstery fabric.
  • Before cleaning, our upholstery technician will check the upholstery to determine which cleaning method is best for your furniture.